Secular Institute

It is the major moderators in consultation with the council that make the major decisions. Each Secular Institutes has its Constitutions that determine the Institute’s form of government, way of life, spirituality and financial administration.

There are 135 Secular Institutes approved by the Church with more than 60,000 members. The World Conference of Secular Institutes with its head office in Rome co-ordinates Secular Institutes at the international level. Members all over the world meet once in four years. Secular Institutes at the national and continental level meet more often.

In the Institute of the maids of the poor, the following members hold the office of administration till the year 2012.

Directress General                                     Ms.  Lily Fernandes

General Councillors                                   Ms.  Alice Joseph (Vice D.G., 1st Councillor)
Ms.  Isabella Pinto (2nd Councillor)
Ms. Chinnamma Scaria (3rd Councillor)
Ms. Lissy A.K. (4th Councillor)
Ms. Meskel Kelta (5th Councillor)

General Secretary                                      Ms. Leena Rodrigues
Finacial Administrator
Ms. Muriel Veigas

Unit Co-ordinators
Ethiopian UNIT Co-ordinator                     Ms. Almaz Leza

Unit Councillors Ms.

Unit Secretary Ms.

Unit Treasurer Ms.

1) North Delegation 
     Delegate in Charge:              Ms. Marykutty Varghese                                                 
     Consulters:                            Ms. Terry D" Souza & Ms Rosy Patras

2) South Delegation               

     Delegate in Charge:             Ms. Violet D'Souza

     Consulters:                           Ms. Laisamma  Thomas & Ms. Emiliya Miranda
3)  Italian Delegation
      Delegate in Charge:            Ms. Lidia Montis
4)  Anand Bhawan  
       Team Animator:                 Ms. Rina Singh